Deluxe Italian Pizza Peel Set (SLRACC-25)

Deluxe Italian Pizza Peel Set (SLRACC-25)


This Deluxe Italian Pizza Peel Set includes: a Large Pizza Peel, a Small Pizza Peel (for easy adjustments during cooking) and a Wire Cleaning Brush for oven maintenance. 


  • Imported from Italy, both Pizza Peels feature an aluminum peel with long wooden handles.
  • The Small Peel for rotating food during cooking.
  • The Large Peel allows movement in and out of the oven.
  • Wire Brush for cleaning and maintaining your oven. 


  • Small Pizza Peel: 49" in length.
  • Large Pizza Peel: 12" x 14" Peel, 49" in length.
  • Wire Cleaning Brush: 39" in length.

$399.99 CAD
Canadian customers please contact for orders.